Graduating from Physical Therapy – Now What?

Think about it…do you know anyone that has not ended up in physical therapy? From car accidents, sciatica, sports injuries and post surgery visits, almost everyone – especially people over 50 -have completed a tour of duty through the stations of a physical therapy clinic.

There are many benefits to physical therapy. There is a comprehensive evaluation, expert level guidance to gain strength, mobility and flexibility without fear of re-injury, individual attention for encouragement, excellent documentation of your progress and high levels of exercise compliance.

Most people stay in physical therapy as long as their insurance benefits allow. After that, it is their own responsibility to stay compliant with their program. This is where a lot of people fail. They have excellent intentions and are very well meaning but life tends to get in the way! And once they start missing workout sessions, all that progress begins to slide backwards. Unfortunately, many people re-injury themselves and end up back at the physical therapy clinic. Non-compliance is the leading cause of return visits to physical therapy.

What can you do about it? Watch the video below to find out!

If you have been working with a physical therapist and your visits are about to expire, it is time to be proactive about your own health and fitness. This is where it pays to do your homework. In general, personal trainers do not have the comprehensive knowledge or training to take you past the injury and into optimal fitness.

In Scottsdale, many patients from Select Physical Therapy become clients of The Fitness Doctor. Robbie Stahl, the founder of The Fitness Doctor, developed a program called the Biomechanical Optimization System. At the heart of the system is an algorithm that is used during the initial evaluation. This algorithm works to determine an accurate diagnosis and the right exercises to safely transition to full body fitness. It also helps to determine the progression of exercises and helps to warn the trainer of movements that would cause additional damage or injury.

Clients find working with The Fitness Doctor is a natural transition back to fitness. Everything begins with the comprehensive evaluation and an exercise prescription. There are many of the same benefits of physical therapy – expert level guidance to gain strength, mobility and flexibility without fear of re-injury, individual attention and encouragement, excellent records of your progress and it is easy to stay compliant to your exercise program.

Robbie Stahl worked closely with Dr. Trent Nessler the National Director of Sports Medicine for Select Physical Therapy to develop this comprehensive algorithm. No other personal trainer in the world has access to this system.

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