No Retreat No Surrender

You may be asking yourself why an article featured on a health and fitness blog would be entitled “No Retreat, No Surrender. Well, here’s the answer in the most straightforward way I can communicate to you.

As a former national level competitive bodybuilder (USA bantamweight champ 2001; yeah you can look it up) and amateur athlete, my health and fitness are of great importance to me. Over the past few years I noticed a drop off in athletic performance that was not due to lack of effort but to issues I began having with joint pain and decreased mobility. Simply put I could not move as easily as I once could PLUS I was suffering from increasing joint pain, specifically in my shoulder and hip areas….and I HATED that.


So, what to do? Surrender to the old adage that getting older means you have to somehow just surrender to it and begin to limit physical activity? Retreat into the notion that I would just have to keep modifying my activity level and the variety of activities I chose to participate in? HARDLY!!!  My guess is if you’re reading this you are lot like me; competitive not only with others but with yourself. Sure I like to compete with others but I also derive great intrinsic benefit from challenging myself physically. And joint pain and mobility issues are not going to limit me. In my quest to remedy both I found THE FITNESS DOCTOR protocol to not only meet my needs but offered a valuable tool to prolonging my “athletic” career as a recreational athlete while allowing me to continue to become bigger, faster and stronger…..WITHOUT the joint and mobility issues. And I am 55 years of age.

Due to the great success I have had with the program I not only continue to follow THE FITNESS DOCTOR exercise protocol, but I am now the VP of Strength and Conditioning for this ground breaking company. To quote the old Hair Club ad,” I’m not only VP of Strength and Conditioning, I’m an active member as well”.

I look forward to sharing with you a wealth of relevant information regarding your health, fitness and well-being via this blog. I encourage you to ask questions, make suggestions and comments as well. My FITNESS DOCTOR blog is not for me but for you….to educate and help you increase your vitality, restore your youthful energy, longevity  and ability to participate in the physical activities you love.

Bob Lutfy—VP Strength/Conditioning

Watch the video above for the full lesson! #TheFitnessDoctor

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