Ouch, My Aching Hip – Or Is It My Back? Or Both?

In today’s world of sitting, sitting and more sitting – hip and low back pain are more common than ever! We believe that just because it’s common doesn’t mean that you need to succumb to it. We want to help you fight the signs of inactivity, aging and injury every step of the way!

sitting cause lower back and hip pain

Alignment, flexibility and range of motion are the foundation of a healthy body. They give you the building blocks to build stronger muscles and increase endurance without fear of injury. They help to take the stress off your joints and heal old injuries.

Some everyday activities cause limitations in alignment, flexibility and range of motion. The biggest culprit is sitting. Inactivity can aggravate old injuries and cause bad habits. It is natural to compensate for an injury but when that becomes a habit, your alignment is off balance and then your entire system will be off.

This bad habit will increase the shear stress on your joints, cause pain and set you up for an injury.
It is definitely a case of use it or lose it! Making sure that you get and remain active is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself! But all movement should be done with proper alignment or it will contribute to the problem!

Watch the video below for specific ways to test your flexibility and range of motion. Then you can do the demonstrated stretches in the comfort of your own home!

These exercises will help you become more flexible and increase your range of motion – which will improve your alignment.

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