Seven Misconceptions about Aging & Exercise

  • Myth: I’m going to get hurt!

    TRUTH: Very possible. Exercise related injuries rates are very high after 50. However, there is a new, science based program that can heal joint pain, improve balance and build muscle. It is called biomechanical optimization. This is a very specific program designed around your body and its individual needs.

  • Myth: Can’t I just walk or do yoga?

    TRUTH: Walking and yoga are great but they aren’t enough to make the quantum leap to optimal fitness, they can improve your quality of life. These activities alone cannot give you the alignment, mobility, strength and flexibility that you need to build the strongest body possible!

  • Myth: My muscles will atrophy.

    TRUTH: Yes, without proper weight training, your muscle mass will decrease 1% for every year after the age of 40. You will lose 30% of your strength between the ages of 50 and 70. With proper weight training, you can still gain muscle mass at any age!

  • Myth: I will lose flexibility, mobility and agility.

    TRUTH: Absolutely true. In fact, there are certain muscles that are pre-programmed to tighten after the age of 50. They are your chest, abdomen and hamstrings. When these muscles tighten, you will start to “hunch over”. With a comprehensive fitness program, you can reverse this predisposition; build muscle mass, remain active, healthy and aligned!

  • Myth: I will lose endurance.

    TRUTH: Yes! Endurance helps us retain the stamina we need to do all the activities we love. If you don’t keep or develop your stamina, you will start to eliminate the activities that you used to love. You will start to have a “smaller” life. The biomechanical optimization system will help your body heal; become aligned and get rid of joint pain. It is a safe, pain-free way to build endurance.

  • Myth: I will lose energy and feel old.

    TRUTH: Yes! After 50, it is a continuous battle to stay healthy, full of energy, and active but it is worth the fight to have more energy and feel younger. It is a balancing act to push yourself and still avoid injury.With the biomechanical optimization exercise program can heal your joint pain, give you more energy and help you regain your zest for life.

  • Myth: I don’t have time to exercise.

    TRUTH: If you don’t make time to exercise, you will not have any ammunition to fight the aging process! You will age more rapidly without exercise. When you balance out the cost of being sick, lower quality of life and joint replacement, you don’t have time to skip exercise. An efficient, effective exercise program takes little time and gives you a higher quality of life!

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