6 Biggest Mistakes when Choosing a Personal Trainer

6 Biggest Mistakes when Choosing a Personal Trainer

Imagine this – You’re all set to hire a personal trainer…but now what? Where do you start? How do you find the best trainer for you?

It’s like hiring an auto mechanic or plumber. You want to make the right choice but you don’t quite understand what you’re looking for and you don’t want to waste your time and money.

. Or even more importantly, you want to reach your goals without getting injured!

Here are the 6 biggest mistakes that women over 50 make when choosing a personal trainer:

  • Cost
  • Appearance of the Trainer
  • Appearance of the Facility
  • Thinking that it’s only about fitness
  • Not understanding the Trainer’s philosophy
  • Not discovering the Trainer’s progress system


Let’s start with cost. Of course, money is important but if you want the most effective results at a reasonable cost then you need to define effective results.

Here’s my definition of effective results.

It is most efficient/effective use of every movement, rep and stretch to yield an improvement in alignment, strength and mobility – to start.

But and this is a big but – when you start exercising, you will need to stress the muscles – which will in turn, stress the joints.

  • Will you get injured? Will pushing yourself hurt you?
  • Is the trainer you are considering an expert on Fitness Over 50?
  • Are they an expert at body alignment?
  • Are they trained in the safest methods of making progress without injury?

If not, they will waste your money and energy.

Stay safe, train efficiently and effectively for the best value in fitness!

Appearance of the Trainer

I’ll state the obvious: Of course you want a trainer that is physically fit.

You wouldn’t want to hire someone that doesn’t walk the walk.

But there are two other facets that you must consider: education and professionalism.

There are trainers that love fitness. So they worked hard “ONE WEEKEND” got a personal training certificate.

Now they are free to find clients. This industry is not regulated.

There are so many trainers that look good and their intentions are good but their education cannot keep YOU safe and get YOU to your goals.

Please, inquire about the potential trainers’ level of education. If they only have a certificate, keep going.

At The Fitness Doctor, our trainers have at least a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science plus other credentials.

We pride ourselves on our work with some of the top exercise science professionals in the world!

Secondly, how serious are they about your results? One way to tell –

  • Are they dressed professionally?
  • Do they act professionally?
  • Are they on time?

This is their career. Their attire and their attitude are a direct correlation of how seriously they will take you – as a client.

At The Fitness Doctor, we are VERY serious about results!

We are professional about every aspect of everything we do, including our dress code.

Our trainers wear formal athletic wear out of respect for you, to help raise industry standards and show that we take every element of your experience with us very serious and it reflects in our professionalism.

Ask about education! Are they dressed professionally? How serious are they about results?

Appearance of the Facility

A gym is not a spa.

When you go to a spa, you want everything to be aesthetically pleasing. At a gym, you want to look for high quality equipment – that is highly functional.

Do not buy “window dressing”. Big Box gyms and equipment manufacturers’ know that nice looking facilities with nice looking equipment – sell memberships

If you are looking for results, base your choice on the equipment and the facility that will help you meet your goals!

Some of the greatest athletes in the world train at “ugly” gyms.

Of course, you should choose a facility that is safe, clean, and you feel comfortable in but if you want real results look past “pretty” and choose a highly functional gym for developing a highly functional body

If not, they will waste your money and energy.

Thinking that it’s only about fitness

YES – you want to get fit but one of the most dangerous cliffs for Fitness after Fifty is not the unique needs of your body the most important part of the equation.

You must take your body with all of its idiosyncrasies into consideration.

You need a plan that will get you into shape without causing injuries but you also need a program that has a proven method to heal your existing injuries, bad alignment and structure.

 You need a system that is comprehensive enough to meet you where you’re at and take you where you want to go.

At The Fitness Doctor – that means all hands on deck!

  • We do manual therapy to help heal old injury and improve mobility.
  • We write customized exercise prescriptions (we never use programs because programs are designed for people in general and our prescriptions are custom designed for your unique function and needs).
  • Our exercise prescriptions are based on your biomechanical evaluation and diagnosis.
  • We are concerned about your flexibility, mobility, agility and strength.
  • We want you to feel amazing along with looking amazing too!

Can the trainer heal old injuries and prevent new ones?

Not understanding the Trainer’s philosophy

When you are interviewing a personal trainer – ask them what their training philosophy is.

If they say “they want their clients to have fun”? RUN!

You should trust your trainer and respect them but most trainers try to be everything to everybody and that makes them unsafe for people over 50.

A trainer’s philosophy should align with your goals.

The relationship is all about congruency. You and your trainer should be on the same bus going to the same bus station.

Their education and experience should make you feel safe in a land of uncertainty.

At The Fitness Doctor, our philosophy is simple.

We designed a full-proof, physical training system for people over 50 to heal pain and injuries, feel 20 years younger and obtain the best quality of life possible!

Dive deep and ask a potential personal trainer about is their training philosophy!

Not discovering the Trainer’s progress system

If you’re ready to hire a trainer, you need to know what phases of fitness you can expect to go through to reach your goals.

OR are they going to hit you hard, break you down and hurt you?

When you’re over 50, you need to make continuous progress to regain your strength and fight the aging process.

You need a system that is gentle with you while you’re starting and then continuously push you to new limits.

In the end, you want to feel better and stronger than you have in many, many years!

At The Fitness Doctor, we start with a two hour evaluation which gives us specific information on how to develop your unique exercise prescription and how to care for your physical transformation.

With this prescription we take you through four phases.

Each phase is designed to heal injuries and prevent new injuries while you increase your strength, mobility and energy.

The goal of our system is to help you feel 20 years younger!

Find out what you’re getting into when hiring a personal trainer!

Find a trainer whose goals, abilities and philosophy’s are congruent with your goals.

Use this information to start the interview process and don’t be dazzled by a pretty facility or an under qualified trainer!

If you’re ready to learn more about world class personal training, and want to know how we match with your unique needs and wants for your best physical self call 602-434-4248. 🙂

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