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The Importance Of Alignment

How To Test If Your Hip And Back Pain Is Actually Being Caused By Misalignment (In Four Steps) Whether you’re suffering from back pain, hip joint pain, knees cracking, chronic shoulder pain, or other pain in your skeleton and joints… The underlying theme of causation is almost always misalignment. There are many different approaches your […]

Best Alternative to Pain Killers

Did you know? Musculoskeletal pain is by far the most common form of physical pain that people experience.   One out of two people experience significant musculoskeletal pain.   One out of three people experience muscle pain restricting daily activity.   80% of the world’s prescription pain killers are consumed in the U.S.   Obviously, […]


Surprising Link between Personal Trainers & Injuries

Surprising Link between Personal Trainers & Injuries Have you or anyone you know ever been injured while working with a personal trainer? The latest research shows that more and more people are getting injured when working with personal trainers. Why? Many personal trainers do not have the education, experience or biomechanical understanding to keep their […]