Harvard Fitness Presentation.

Biomechanical Optimization System Presented at Harvard!

Robbie Stahl, inventor of the Biomechanical Optimization System, was recently asked to present this system at Harvard University to important Thought Leaders. This system will revolutionize the way people view fitness, injury recovery and aging. This Harvard fitness presentation covers the foundational message of Biomechanical Optimization.

The exercise science community has given strong reviews and endorsements to this system, which starts with an extremely comprehensive 317 point (90 minute) evaluation. Each data point is fed into the proprietary algorithm where it is compiled and compared to known injuries and normal values.

From there, the information is used to create a custom exercise prescription. This prescription uses Advanced Therapeutic Exercise  to help each client restore alignment for pain free movement. Alignment produces dramatic functional fitness results.

Biomechanical Optimization combats the premature symptoms of aging. At the Fitness Doctor, our world class trainers work to make your body as strong, flexible, agile and mobile as possible. We are proud to pioneer the Biomechanical Optimization System.

Watch our Harvard Fitness presentation for more information.