Is Yoga And Stretching Actually Making Your Body Stiffer? Why Stretching May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Part One: The Problem

If you’re a man or woman over 40 and feeling frustrated because, no matter what you do, it seems like you have this terrible “stiffness” all the time in your muscles, back, or joints…

AND you’ve tried to solve this problem through methods such as doing Yoga, taking exercise classes, or stretching daily…

Maybe you have even sought the advice of a fitness expert, physical therapist, or your doctor, and nobody seems to be able to help (at least not in any way that lasts permanently) then keep reading because…

You are not alone. In fact, many, many people your age feel constant (or semi-constant) stiffness in their muscles and joints, significantly enough that it hinders their movement and enjoyment of life, and the worse part is, most of them are doing things that actually make the problem worse!

It’s not that they are intentionally doing this – they are actually following the advice of “professionals,” doctors, and articles that seem to make sense. But, because they haven’t taken one crucial step first, their efforts are actually making their stiffness worse – and may even be dangerous to their long term ability to have full mobility and range of body movement.

This article will address the reason stretching (and yoga or other remedies) may be making your problems worse…and the single most important thing you can do to combat this problem and fix your stiffness and lack of mobility today.

Part Two: How To Make The Problem Worse

Before I talk about the best solution to this problem, let’s address what many experts will tell you to do, and how it actually makes the problem WORSE…and why.

As someone who is suffering with joint and muscle stiffness, you may have tried one or more things to solve your problem up to now…

  1. You may have tried daily stretching (either on your own or following a program or method of some kind).
  2. You may have tried Yoga or another type of “limbering” and stretching program to try to get your body in better shape, while loosening up the stiffness that plagues you.
  3. You may have consulted a physical therapist or doctor about how to remedy the chronic stiffness, and tried to follow their recommendations.

Now don’t get me wrong: none of these things is a bad idea, and I actually commend you for trying to go after and fix your problem on your own, if you have tried any of these things previously.

However, the truth is any and all of these things could actually be making the problem worse, if you haven’t done the single most important thing you need to do FIRST.

Keep reading, because there IS a solution…but you need to do this one thing first, or you will continue to struggle needlessly.

Part Three: How To Actually Solve The Problem (Permanently)

Over the past several years, I have encountered thousands of people suffering from chronic stiffness in their muscles and joints. And, while their doctors and therapists have sometimes told them that, because of their age, this was something they would “just have to put up with” I know for a fact this is not true!

The truth is, the way most Yoga, exercise, and stretching programs work, they are missing on crucial step to make them beneficial (rather than harmful) for you.

This is because they all take a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to stretching and regaining full body mobility.

My guess is, NONE of these programs have bothered to test every part of your body extensively, in order to pinpoint the exact areas that actually need to be focussed on, and make a stretching plan specific to your body…rather than just going after everything “en mass.”

Am I right?

If so, then this is the most important article you could read right now. Because I am about to show you…

How To Find A Stretching And Recovery Program That Will Actually Help (Rather Than Harm) YOUR Body

We have developed a unique process, not available anywhere else, for men and women over 40 to test and diagnose every point of their body, from head to toe, so that we can assess which stretches will actually benefit you most, without causing more damage.

This process assesses each joint and point in your body, to determine where the problem areas are, and what is doing just fine and doesn’t need attention.

We determine and focus on the areas where the stiffness is centered, and what joints, muscles, and body parts actually need stretching, and what doesn’t.

Then, we design a program specific to your body, your joints, and your stiffness profile, that will correct your problems…WITHOUT putting pressure on the wrong places, which would only make things worse in your “weak areas.”

And today, you can see how this process works for yourself, just by clicking here to get a Free Consultation done! This is a real, live private phone call with one of our professional team members at “The Fitness Doctor”, not just a canned assessment.

We will listen to everything you can tell us about your current state of health, body mobility, and any stiffness or chronic pain that you are experiencing now…assess the best process for you to use to solve your problems…and let you know right on the call!

No more wondering, waiting, or living with pain. You can get your questions answered, AND find a solution, just by scheduling in a consultation here today.

In Case There’s Still Any Doubt In Your Mind? Imagine this.

Just for the sake of comparison, I want you to imagine something.

Imagine that your car is running poorly. It has slow “pickup” when you press on the gas and try to accelerate…it’s making a weird noise in the engine compartment…and there’s a weird squeaking noise when you turn a corner. However…

When you take it in to be repaired, instead of putting it up on the block and running their electronic “diagnostic” process to find out exactly what’s wrong…

They just fix whatever they’ve been fixing in ALL the cars that come into their shop. So, since most cars need the oil changed and brakes fixed, that’s what they do to your car.

How likely is it they have actually fixed the problem? Not likely. And in the meantime, they have charged you full price! Unfortunately…

This is how most programs and specialists are approaching fixing your body! Scary, right?

So, just for your own peace of mind and wellbeing, here’s what I’d like to do for you…

Click the button below to schedule in your FREE consultation with us today:

If you can do that today, we should be able to fit you into the schedule absolutely FREE (as long as our calendar isn’t full by the time you get there)!

On our call we will:

  1. Review which areas are causing you the most suffering right now, and how we can help in improving the way you feel and function.
  2. Layout the best plan for you personally, so you can get rid of aches and pains while simultaneously restoring your youth, function, and quality of life.  Guaranteed to get your personal answer to this while on the call.
  3. Provide tremendous value, with “zero pressure”, and have fun in exploring where you’re at now and what’s possible for you in 2019!  

Listen. Knowing what I know, there is absolutely no reason you should have to put up with another week (even one single day!) of chronic stiffness or pain.

You can start finding relief in the next 24 hours, if you take action now.

Here’s to a pain-free, fully-mobile, life where you can once again do ALL the things you enjoy, without suffering!

Can’t wait to speak with you.

Robbie Stahl

CEO, Co-Founder, The Fitness Doctor

Robbie Stahl is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Fitness Doctor.  He helps you get fit, lose body fat, and enjoy a fully active lifestyle without pain, extreme exercise, or diets.  In fact, he believes less is more, and the idea of no pain, no gain, is an outdated strategy that doesn’t work today.   

He’s a Kinesiologist with 21 years professional experience and has over 20,000, hours of research and academic study. He is a Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition and a Certified Specialist in Dynamic Movement Assessment and is an active member of the American College of Sports Medicine.