Posture, Biomechanics, And Muscular Strength: The Pillars To High Performance

Today I will demonstrate and explain to you how  a sedentary lifestyle, along with excessive sitting, whether at work and/or at home affects posture, leads to improper movement patterns (biomechanics) and weaken muscles, putting you on the fast track to premature aging or “growing old before your time”.

I will also explain to you how these three factors, when addressed and improved will keep you active and mobile for the rest of your life, allowing you to enjoy recreation and working out free of pain and stiffness, burning more calories ,ie. body fat and becoming a leaner a meaner version of your current self.

Obviously there are other factors such as nutrition and good sleeping habits but these three are three foundational components of improving stability and enabling you to get the most out of your body during activity.

First let’s address some facts about the US population in general. A recent study (2015) conducted by The American Public Health association revealed that an average of 21.5%  of adults reporting in the 50 United States participated in no outside physical activity outside of their work day. That means that a little over 1 in 5 people come home after work and most likely spend the rest of their day and night sitting.

Now let’s look at some of the effects of excessive sitting on our posture, biomechanics and muscular strength:

Below you see an example of someone with poor posture working at a desk. I’m sure if you looked around your office you’ll notice many people with this sitting posture. Notice the stooped shoulders, the rounded upper spine and the head which protrudes forward.

The problem with excessive sitting:

  • Shortened/ weakened hamstrings
  • Shortened/weakened hip flexor muscles
  • Overstretched/weak glute muscles
  • Overstretched/weak upper back muscles
  • Shortened/weak pec muscles
  • Internal rotation at shoulders due to shortened pecs and weakened posterior shoulder musculature
  • Forward head/ weak neck muscles

bad posture how to fix it the fitness doctor

If left uncorrected, the resultant poor posture then becomes habit as the neuromuscular system’s central control, the brain, perceives this posture to be the new “normal” for both sitting AND standing/walking/running etc. 
This leads to the following:

  • Weak postural muscular support system
  • Overstretched/shortened muscles ARE weak muscles
  • Weak muscles CAN NOT effectively support the skeletal system
  • Weak muscles lead to poor posture resulting in shearing forces being placed upon joints when we move.

This in turn leads to:

  • Joint pain
  • Joint stiffness
  • Decreased flexibility
  • Instability
  • Loss of freedom of motion
  • Overall muscular weakness YES THAT IS TRUE!!!

Ultimately leading to:

  • Decreased physical activity ( mostly due to joint pain and discomfort)
  • Decreased muscular strength/endurance
  • Increase in body fat
  • Unhealthy cellular regeneration
  • Decreased aerobic fitness
  • Metabolic disorders; diabetes etc.
  • Too many doctor visits
  • Medications and their side effects
  • Reduction in quality of life


  • Stretch
  • Strengthen
  • LIMIT Sitting
  • MOVE IT OR LOSE IT: yes you actually will lose strength, mobility, stability and ultimately your health if you don’t move… and move with correct biomechanics

So there you have the effects and causes of what happens to your body when you spend too much time sitting and in sedentary activity. I urge you to get out and stretch, strengthen and move your body, and let THE FITNESS DOCTOR show you how do just that with instruction in  proper movement patterns, a progressive approach to strength training and conditioning and a team of passionate professionals who sincerely care about getting you on your way to HIGH QUALITY OF LIFE TO AGE 100.

Watch the video above for the full lesson! #TheFitnessDoctor

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