Surprising Link between Personal Trainers & Injuries

Surprising Link between Personal Trainers & Injuries

Have you or anyone you know ever been injured while working with a personal trainer?

The latest research shows that more and more people are getting injured when working with personal trainers. Why?

Many personal trainers do not have the education, experience or biomechanical understanding to keep their clients safe – so they push their client’s physical limits beyond the safe zone and cause injuries.

If you have a trainer, what is their education level?

Do they have special training to keep you safe after the age of 50?



Is it offensive that you are literally paying someone – to hurt you – while you are working out?

It is unconscionable to me! When you are working out, you are very vulnerable.

On top of that, it creates a terrible reputation for the personal training industry.

Or worse – group classes!

They look like fun but they are a hazard zone.

No one has the education or time to properly check your form.

No one has evaluated your structure, injuries or goals.

They just push you, pull you or injure you until one day you hobble out.

Here’s the link. In general, when you hire a trainer, you tell them your goals and what you would like out of your fitness performance or weight loss.

The bomb? Personal trainers do not understand human movement.

The latest research shows that human biomechanics are the key to proper movement and without proper movement the body will get injured when stressed.

And exercise is all about stressing the muscles – which stresses the joints, when done incorrectly – which causes a domino effect of painful injuries. On top of that!

Ideal movement for people over 50 is different that it was when you were younger.

As a group, you must specifically and strategically counteract the aging process, in order to achieve your goals. Certain muscle groups tighten and others weaken– on everyone after the age of 50!

Not to mention your own specific issues. It takes a comprehensive program to achieve your goals injury free and it comes down to understanding biomechanics.

Here’s the secret to good personal training:

It’s the same as wood carving! Think about it.

An expert woodcarver can take a block of wood and see the beautiful shape that is underneath the bulk.

It just needs to be chiseled away! He works on each area. And in each area, the excess bulk is chipped away – piece by piece.

Each strike of the ax hurts the wood while helping a beautiful form emerge.

In the similar fashion, exercise will break down your muscles and in the healing process, grow stronger. In time, a beautiful form emerges.


Conversely, exercise done incorrectly will damage the joints, ligaments etc. causing an injury.


The training process is interrupted – perhaps permanently with one bad session.

When a new – inexperienced woodworker starts carving, I am sure there are many good pieces of wood that end up in the burn pile.

Neither of us wants your shoulder, hip or knee to become one of those damaged pieces!

By the time you’re 50, you know that there’s a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things.

You also know that exercise science has come a long way since high school gym class.

It is imperative to use exercise science, biomechanics and a world class trainer to help you achieve your goals without them ending up in the burn pile!

If you’re ready to learn more about world class personal training, and want to know how we match with your unique needs and wants for your best physical self call 602-434-4248. 🙂

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