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If Applied the Next 5 Steps Are Likely to Forever Improve Your Physical Fitness

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Becoming super aware of our Pain and Pleasure attached to this area of our life is the first step and you’ve already completed that 😀

Realize a cold hard fact that none of us humans are escaping from: We all have inherited gene predisposition to produce pathologies (moderate – severe disease and sickness conditions, chronic illnesses).  

These genes are heavily sensitized by physical inactivity (Not exercising or not being physically active enough) and activated when in combination with other poor health risk factors (such as emotional stress, work stress, poor diet, obesity, pollution, toxins, smoking, alcohol, etc.).  

The reverse is also true – every time you exercise your muscles literally send messages to all parts of your body to improve things like producing energy, killing cancer cells, improving your sleep, elevating your mood, and increasing your brain power just to name a few.

This means that just from your decision making to exercise regularly or not you can either increase your chances of sickness, disease, and shortened lifespan or you can choose to have a well functioning body, mind, and improved quality of life.  

If there was anything from step 2 that you could emotionally attach to your Moving Towards side of your mental dialogue add it to the appropriate section of your inventory.

You’ve likely heard the expression that what you think about is what you become – Law of Attraction.  

The reality is just because you think about money or fitness does not mean checks are going to start falling from the sky and your body fat will magically start decreasing.  

This expression is accurate primarily due to the results that come from your actions for achieving your desired results.
Here is how you can make those actions so much easier: Your mind can only hold one thought or a related cluster of thoughts at a time. 

If you increase your time spent and emotions on items from your Moving Towards side of your list these items will grow in magnitude in your mind effecting the force field for you to take action in that direction. 

When a Moving Away From item comes into your mind that’s okay, see it, don’t connect with it, and just reach in your mental files for thinking about an item from your Moving Towards list.  

In a short period of time practicing this simple mental game you will see your mental force field for life improving your fitness actions with ease.

Revisit your mental dialogue inventory as often as you like but at least once per week. 

As you practice step 4 just in your own mind daily you will find new items to add to your Moving Toward list.  

When new items for Moving Toward arise write them down and make sure they get added to your inventory.  

When you revisit your Mental Dialogue Inventory you will see that that natural ease for taking action to exercise will be in direct proportion to the ratio of your Moving Towards list size and ratio as compared with the Moving Away From list.  

Make it a game to see over time how much you can make Moving Towards overcome the Moving Away from list.  Remember this is for you, your well being, and should feel fun, encouraging, and confidence building. 

You know there are people who seem as though everything or many things seem to come easy for them, they’re tranquil going through difficulties, they seem to handle stress and achievements better than us, and they are in control of their behavior and adopt new good habits easier than others.  

This comes from being able to see the thoughts on the Moving Away From side of their mental dialogue for actions that would improve their life and not attach strong emotion to it or amplifying the thought. 

They are just aware of the thought and emotion letting it process and replacing it with Moving Towards thoughts and emotions.  They simply just have a natural mental process for aligning with the center of the pins.    

Now that you’ve got the inside secrets to having a fit mind enjoy the process of elevating your fitness game and knocking down more fitness pins with greater ease!